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CSV output file for online experiments records text and image resource variables for only the last trial


When looking at the .csv files for experiments collected online, I have noticed that for all trials, variables that define text and image resources are saved according to the value on only the last trial. That is, for all trials, the value of variables for text and image resources are always the same — the value according to the last trial.

I have confirmed that this does not happen when collected through psychopy on my local computer. I have also downloaded community experiments and have noticed the same pattern. Most notably with the Stroop demonstration.

Has anyone else noticed this?



Thanks for the post @John, we are currently looking in to the problem. Will post an update soon.

We’ve identified the problem and we’ll try to have a release fixing this one on Monday. Sorry it wasn’t working!

Great, thanks.

This is a great tool. Thanks for all your work!

Thank you @brand20j and @jon

I am currently observing the same behaviour in my experiment. I believe the update is located in this commit:

What would you recommend is the best way for me to utilize this commit for the above fix. For context,
I am using the mac gui for building my experiment and Pavlovia for online experiments.

Thank you in advance for all your help. I echo everyone above in believing Psychopy is a great tool.


We’ve identified the problem and this will be fixed with the 3.0.0b11 release very shortly

Thanks for fixing. I encountered the same problem some days ago. Data values are now being correctly saved in the .csv files

I’m still having the same issue. Has the fix been released.


Sorry, I found the download and it’s working correctly. Thanks for doing this so quickly!