Skip semicolon in stimuli for online experiment

Hi everyone,
I am building a self-paced reading online experiment with PsychoPy builder and JS code snippets. All the stimuli sentences contain semicolons (;). When I run the experiment online, the semicolons are recognized as the end of the statement, so I can only see half of each sentence. Is there a good way to skip the semicolon in this case?
I checked online, and it is said that putting quotation marks around should solve the problem. I tried quotation marks around the sentences (both single and double), and I also tried adding a slash (both / and ) before the semicolon, but neither worked. It does work when I put quotation marks around semicolons, like “;”, but then the participants also see the quotation marks (they see selfless";"), which is just weird and not working…

Does anyone know other solutions that might work so that participants only see, for example, selfless; on their screen?

Best case, I would prefer to keep the semicolon than change it.
This is how the stimuli files look. The stimuli files are all CSV files.

Thank you very very very much in advance!!

Try &#59;

That’s the HTML entity code for semicolons (yes, it also includes a semicolon in the code itself, don’t worry about it). For an online study it should work. Even if I type it here it gets replaced: ;

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Thank you very much! But it doesn’t seem to work tho :frowning: It still shows &#59 and then the end of the sentence. It’s probably still a Javascript issue. Thanks anyway!