JavaScript issue

Since downloading the latest release of PsychoPy (Windows, 2020.2.4) I’ve been having a bit of difficulty in having getting online experiments to work where there’s JavaScript code that I’ve added into the Builder.

To investigate further, I downloaded the PsychoPy experiment for by @dvbridges , then ran it on 2020.2.4 and then exported the html and then sync’d to a new experiment (i.e. keeping the experiment exactly the same): . This doesn’t work either (it stays on“initialising the experiment”). I realise there’s probably a very obvious reason why it’s not working, and would appreciate hearing what it is [I’ve made it publicly available on gitlab in case you’re able to take a look] so I can adjust my own experiment code.

Thank you

Hi @JamesW, sorry, this is a bug in PsychoPy that is scheduled for a fix in the upcoming 2020.2.5 release. Please see Empty Text leading online experiment not initializing for more info. Please let me know if that fails to answer your problem, here to help, s.