Problem converting experiment to online version

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem: The experiment (recall_exp.psyexp) runs locally but does not run online (recall_exp_online1.psyexp). I tried to add some code snippets there from the cribb sheet at the ‘beginning experiment’ section and changing things to JS but it won’t go beyond initialising the experiment. I am working on a mac so not sure how to trouble shoot this (someone suggested F12 button for PCs). Any ideas much appreciated!

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Hi @Svenster, looks like a syntax error in the generated JS. Could you try giving your ‘text’ TextStim component in the ‘blankscreen’ routine an initial value of ’ ’ or a single whitespace character and re-export HTML? Upgrading to PsychoPy latest might also help. Thanks, s.

Hi @sotiri thanks! I think renaming fixed it! I couldn’t use blank white space or ’ ’ but disambiguating it by giving it a different name helped!

Thanks so much! Have a nice weekend!

No problem @Svenster, you too, for reference I have added a running support team fork below,