Sharing experiment code & all resources but NOT the data


I’m still pretty new to PsychoPy, Pavlovia and Gitlab. I built and ran my own experiment and now I want to publish the results and the whole experiment for those why may what to replicate it but not share the csv-files with the public. How do I do this?

I tried: changing privacy on Github, but is there a way to delete data from my rep? Also, I obviously want to share more than just the code by sharing the pavlovia link to the experiment. What I’m I missing?

Thank you in advance!

Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to currently be a way to make a repository public without giving access to the data files. If you use database saving then that isn’t accessible, but the log files still would be.

Option 1) Upload the psyexp and resources files to OSF as I have here: OSF | Emotional Stroop for mobile

Option 2) Create a new repository on Gitlab created from the psyexp and resources files (not a fork of your original) and share that.

Thank you very much for the quick reply and solution (and the comfort, as I was sure I’m not seeing the obvious and thus got really frustrated). :slight_smile: