Setting a new reference account on Pavlovia

I created a second account on pavlovia. When I click on the sync button in my experiment, my files are always synced only with the first account. Where can I set that my files are synced with the second account?

Thank you very much!

Did you log in to the new account from PsychoPy from the
menu item?

I just tried it but nothing happens. I clicked in PsychoPy on and then on ‘Log in to Pavlovia’.
Might it have something to do with that I ran the experiment first with my first account and now I want to run it with my second account?

Thank you very much!

Perhaps it does yes. Maybe this helps?

  • In your local folder, show hidden files & foldes, and delete the .git subfolder
  • Then try syncing again

I first closed PsychoPy and Pavlovia, then I deleted my .git subfolder. Now it works! And I can see my second account when I click on in PsychoPy! : )

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Thanks for writing the solution. could you please elaborate on how to find the.git subfolder in my local folder? I’m not sure how to find it.

Thank you so much!