Fail to sync my experiment onto Pavlovia

I am constructing an experiment locally and attempting to sync it onto Pavlovia.

I could sync the experiment for the very first time, with a window popping up asking me to name the experiment. However, no files were pushed. I could see the experiment on Pavlovia and viewed the code but there was no content inside the experiment.

Then, I tried to sync the experiment again. Things, then, became weird. PsychoPy kept asking me to commit changes, instead of showing me the regular process of syncing an experiment.

The problem was that I only had 102 files, but the window said I was about to delete 8000 files. When I click ok, errors occurred.

I also tried to create a new project, but errors occurred as well.

May I know if this is my computer’s problem? The current version I am using is “2021.2.3” and my computer is MacOS 11.6.4. This problem has been haunting me for months…

Thank you for reading this post
Tak Wang

Could you share the full error? The informative bit is generally towards the end. It’s strange that it thinks you have so many files deleted - I’m guessing this is a problem with “staging” changes in git. Has this experiment been running and gathering data?