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Cannot sync with Pavlovia

URL of experiment: SART + Memory +EF [PsychoPy]

Description of the problem: I successfully uploaded the files to Pavlovia and it runs perfectly.

However, the experiment will not be synced when I closed the psychopy, and the experiment on Pavlovia will stuck at the page initializing the experiment. In order to let the experiment run, I had to recreat the file.

Besides, I had tried to delete the files from git. lab and it does not work. I could not find any git folder in my local drive.

Are you deleting your online files because your experiment won’t run online?

I had closed the psychopy and reopened it. This picture showed that I had not synced it

My experiment still on Pavlovia and it showed “running”:

Hi, thanks for your reply.

I did not delete files. As per previous message. The files were not sync when I reopen psychopy experiment which I had successfully sync with pavlovia before this.

I think that the issue is that your local files are in a cloud storage folder (onedrive). Resync your remote files to a local folder on your hard drive.

I had tried the method that you suggested, but sadly to inform that it does not solve the problem.