Data missing after merge

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem: I was one of the few running experiments pre-merge, as I had a deadline to meet regarding recruitment. After the merge, I can see FOUR experiments on my dashboard (relevant to current recruitment)–two that I was running pre-fire, and two that I re-uploaded post-fire. My issue is that I’m having trouble matching up the data between the experiments and their gitlab repositories. (I did refresh and clear the browser cache several times).

The one linked above shows only 3-5 participants on the tally even though at least 20-30 participants have done the experiment. The gitlab seems to contain all the data files, however, so I’m not sure why it isn’t showing up on pavlovia.

For the second experiment I uploaded alongside this one (, I can see all the participants, but the experiment page says that the last participant was March 9th, which is incorrect. However, the version of this pre-fire seems to show the updated data instead, even though pavlovia says there were 0 participants run.

I’m just trying to piece together why pavlovia isn’t accurately reflecting the total recruitments, and if I’ve actually lost any data or not.

Thank you for all your hard work in keeping avlovia moving after the fire.

Hey @FSRana, just one small question to check that I understood you correctly: your data is complete, but the counters aren’t right?

Yes, that’s right (as far as I can tell based on the time stamps on gitlab. I’m in the process of verifying whether all expected participant files are on there, and will be able to say for sure once I’ve been through them).

I was worried that the mismatch between counters meant data wasn’t being recorded/had been lost, but it seems OK so far so perhaps I’m worrying needlessly…?

Researchers worrying about their data is natural :). I’ll ask our database magician what’s up, but he’s having a little cool-down at the moment, so it might take a little while.

No worries, take your time! Thank you!

Good morning @FSRana ,

I can confirm that the counters have not been updated just yet. My first priority was to make the merged experiments and their data available to people as soon as possible. I will update the counters in the coming days, at which point it should match the number of data files.


Thank you! So when downloading the data, it’s best to go to gitlab rather than use the download button on pavlovia? (Or is it just that the counter doesn’t reflect the updated numbers, and downloading files should work the same?)

Thank you so much for all the work you’ve been putting into keeping pavlovia running and making sure everything is OK for us researchers. It’s been very encouraging to have such a dedicated team in charge of our data.

Thank you for your kind words! They matter a great deal to us.

I would recommend you download the data from pavlovia. That should be the quickest way.
I can confirm that the counters have no impact on the data themselves.


Oh that’s fantastic, thank you!


Sorry if I posted this incorrectly, I am not sure how to make a new post on this topic page.

Thanks for all your hard work so far!

I am missing one file from each of my folders that were on the back-up server (VS-182.0, NavonPHASE2-2.0, and TDT PHASE 2).

Here are the links I used on the backup server.


Here are the current Links on recovered server:


All three files correspond to one participant I had on Wednesday, March 24 around 4:00 PM, central Canadian time. I cannot find these files in the merged folders. I tried refreshing my cache.

If am about to analyze my data. If possible, can I please have access to these files soon?