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Sending EEG Triggers

Hi guys,

I posted here before about issues with the parallel port. Those problems have been solved and we no longer are encountering error messages about the parallel port while running the test. However we’re now running into some issues with the act of triggering the EEG.

We are able to send and receive triggers through the EEG amplifier. However, the output in the spreadsheet generated with the EEG file is ‘0’, when we would like to be able to differentiate between different triggers sent at their respective time points. Is there a way to get the triggers to be connected to different values?

We are using the builder view to insert the parallel port triggers. I have tried adding a column in my excel file and changing the start data to $(column name). but I’m not actually sure what the content of that column should be?

Does anyone have any advice about using the builder view to send EEG triggers?




I also have the same problem, were you able to solve this issue?

Kind regards,


You can give different triggers through the builder view, by adding the parallel port and changing the start data value.
You can put any value there and that will determine your marker number or index.
I hope it helps…!