Timing issues with EEG triggers through parallel port component


I have set up an experiment in builder where I send a face image stimulus and an emotion word stimulus and the participant responds with a keypress. This experiment will run with EEG so I need to send triggers.

I have added parallel port components and I want two triggers to send, one for the face and one for the emotion word. The triggers are saved in the conditions file and are sending correctly. The experiment runs smoothly with no errors, and the triggers are appearing correctly in my EEGO software.The problem is that both of the triggers are sending with about a 1.5 second delay even though I include start and stop times for the triggers.

I have tried shortening the timing of the triggers and moving the components around in the builder but I’m not sure what else to try. I have attached images of the builder, my conditions file and each of the parallel port components so I hope that helps.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!