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Send x voltage to stimulator through DAQ (model USB-1208HS-4AO) box

Hi all

I have a DAQ box (model link: USB- 1208HS-4AO) connected to BIOPAC STMISOLA electrical stimulator. I am trying to send voltages to the stimulator within PsychoPy. I found drivers that can connect to the box (e.g., mccluw) but they are not integrated inside PsychoPy and I am afraid if I used it they will interfere with PsychoPy.

Is there any way to send, say 20 V pulse, to the stimulator through PsychoPy for a predefined time (e.g., 500 ms)?

Note I have no issues with a parallel port or with communicating with the box – I only want a way to send x voltage for x seconds but through PsychoPy’s native functions.