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Pulse delivery through USB or serial ports


I am currently a superlab user and found that the program has a serious timing problem with auditory stimulus presentation. Therefore, I would like to switch to psychopy. I have zero experience in programming or so.

I would like to deliver DC pulse that is simultaneous with sound or with small onset differences with sound.

In our lab, we have stimtracker duo. And Stimtracker delivers the pulse to Biopac IPS 100C. With the superlab, stimtracker was automatically recognized and the DC pulse was easily delivered. I wonder how it works in psychopy.

I would like to know how I script for the pulse delivery through USB or serial port.

I am sincerely looking forward to receiving comments.
Thank you.


I think you will need to use the pyxid Python library for connecting to your Cedrus Stimtracker. This library is included with PsychoPy: