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Triggering and PCI-DIO 24

Dear PsychoPy Community,

I have just started using PsychoPy and am new to coding in general. I am currently have Digital IO PCI card (PCI-DIO 24 from Measurement Computing), in a Dell Optiplex 9010. Previously, we have used this chip to send pulses or triggers to a Biopac EEG amplifier (we used a program called superlab, vr 4), though I have been unable to figure out how to do this with PsychoPy (or python).

I have found an IO button in the builder, though it only seems to give me options for built in parallel ports or a lab jack. I was wondering if there were those among the community who could point me in the direction of how I might use python/psychopy to send signalsto the PCI board so that it could send pulses to the amplifier.

Apologies if this is something that has been talked about before, and/or if this is totally the wrong place to put such a question.

Thank you all in advance!!!



Yes, you’ll need to use Python to talk to the specific library that the company provides to interface with their particular hardware.

This seems like a starting point to resources on that:

I haven’t looked at that, but in essence, you would need to install their universal library and also their Python package that can interface with it. You’ll need to tell PsychoPy about that Python package as follows:

and then you should simply be able use the functions of that library, within your own PsychoPy code, or likely even within a code component from inside PsychoPy Builder.

If you make progress with this, please update us here, as this will be a useful pointer to anything else using these systems.

Dear Michael,

Thank you for the information. I will get the libraries installed on the computer and work through the examples!

I will post an update once I get it working, or if I hit any other roadblocks.

Thanks again for the help!