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Using a current research simulator in PsychoPy3

Hi everyone !
I am pretty new to PsychoPy and have actually never coded in Python but in JavaScript rather. Thus, I am mainly using the PsychoPy builder to create my experiment. I have a problem with making PsychoPy activate an exterior device though. We are supposed to shock people with this device :
(DS7R Constant Current Research Stimulator) on 20% of the stimuli.
Has anyone ever used something similar in PsychoPy and could help me know how it is implemantable/usable ?

Probably not many people have used that particular device but the issue is more about how it communicates, which is common to many devices. You should provide details here of how that device expects to be controlled (e.g. via a parallel port or otherwise) and what its communication protocol is (should be in its manual).

What have you tried and what went wrong?

Little update after a while and some progression. We are missing the cable that will permit us to connect the simulator to the PC. We are thus planning to get one of these ttl-USB adapters :
The question I have is if any one of you used something similar before with PsychoPy and wether it is complicated or not to add a driver for such device ?
Thank you for your help.

We have used the USB2TTL by LabHackers. It is very easy to set up with PsychoPy - just use a code component to add the commands

Thanks a lot for your help ! We will consider this possibility.