Self-paced reading experiment: No data excel file

Hi to all,

I’m working on a self-paced reading task where I’m presenting short passages (of 4 sentences) one sentence at a time and participants press ‘space’ to see the next sentence. I want to get the response times for each time ‘space’ is pressed for each sentence and the reaction time of target words and questions that will be presented after. right now,
when I attach a loop of 15 or less conditions, I have an excel file. However, when, I attache a loop of all the stimuli (more than 15 conditions) , i have no excel file and no delimited data that I see somehow weird . Who can help me please.
Thank you very much.

attached you will find a sample of the data output I get.
psychopy_data_2022-12-16_15h09.25.395.csv (2.9 KB)

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we need to see the part in which you present your stimuli and register the response. Did you uncheck the check-box Is trials of your loop by any chance?

Best wishes Jens