Seeking Paid Assistance for Repetitive Textbox Issue

I need help resolving a repetitive textbox editing issue in my code. It’s functional, but this specific problem persists. Willing to pay for a solution.

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It could be a quick fix so you could paste more information here. Is the issue that your editable textbook starts with the contents of the previous trial? One option is to set the contents to blank “Each Repeat”.

I have a different issue. I have a condition with 6 textboxes, and the participant can manage which textbox will become editable by pressing one of the keys 1-6. The first trial is always OK, but from the 2nd trial onwards, the textbox that was the last to become editable is the first to be editable, although the subject did not press any of the keys. It seems like a minor problem, but I don’t want subjects to think they need to start from this textbox. I tried to solve this by adding this line at the end of the test trial routine:
because the textboxes become editable only if keys[-1] is one of these: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. So, I thought adding “r” will avoid opening one of the textboxes. but It doesn’t work.

I think I would solve this by having one editable text box and then switching its position based on the key press.

I’m not sure how your suggestion solves the issue of having data in “keys” from earlier trials that affect the current trial. If I understand correctly, in your case, it about changing the position. But, the problem in this case will be that the subject will see an editable position before he/she presses the key. My main problem is that data from earlier trials affects the current trial; it happens now with the number of the textbox the become editable, and it will probably happen in terms of positions. If you can elaborate on your suggestion, maybe I’ll prove to be wrong.


do reset the textbox to not editable after the routine or at the beginning of the routine?

Best wishes Jens