Seeing images uploaded by participants

I used the feature through which participants can upload a photo, and I want to use that photo as a stimulus for another task. Where can I see the pictures uploadrd? In the responses section I can only see a long code, with no picture.
In addition, in the responses section all responses’ status is “running”, even when participants already finished answering the survey.
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If you paste that code into the location field of a browser, you’ll see the image and you can then right-click and save it as a normal image file. Making this step easier is definitely on our to-do list.

I think what you’re seeing in the response status is running vs pilot not in progress vs finished.

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Thansk for the answer. I don’t understand what part of the code I should copy to the browser. Tried starting right after the “base64” from the slash, but it didn’t work. I did managed to see the picture using sites doing a conversion from base 64 to an image, and by using a python code, so it does work and I can use it.
As for the responses’ status, I guess it does not really affect the survey in any way, but I should say that even nafter making my survey “inactive” in the overview, responses’ status is still “running”.
Thanks again for the answer.

You should paste everything, including the “base64” bit.

Do you mean that participants can still participate in your survey after you have set the survey to inactive?

No, They can’t and they get an error massage that states that the survey is closed (as should happen). But the status of the responses is “running”, even after closing the survey. I attached a photo to make things clearer. Responses’ status is “running”, even though the survey is inactive. It seems like it doesn’t affect the survey in any way, but its purpose is not very clear.

The response status refers to the status for that participant, not the current status of the survey.

However, since only data from “running” participants is saved, I’ll follow up on the purpose of having the column at all.

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