File upload questions in pavlovia surveys

I’m adding a file upload question to my online survey, in the output csv files I can see the name of the file a participant uploaded, but I’m not sure where to find the file itself (i.e. if I ask people to upload a video). Could anyone recommend the best way to find these uploaded files?

Good point. I just tested and it looks like the whole file is encoded into the data file, which is difficult to retrieve. I’ve bumped the request to download the actual file in our to-do list.

Hi just looking at a similar issue here with uploading audio responses to improve accessibility but this problem of the file being encoded rather than a distinct entity still seems to be outstanding?

Please could you try my code here?

It needs some modification for each new file type which you might be able to do yourself or send me a data file.

At some point I might try to automate checking for the appropriate column.