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Second Qualtrics survey not recording participant ID after being redirected from Psychopy

URL of experiment: Stroop_Congruent_Letters [PsychoPy]

Description of the problem: I’ve been working on linking Qualtrics to Pavlovia and back to Qualtrics for a while now. I have no problems linking Qualtrics to Pavlovia, getting the ID recorded successfully in Pavlovia and being redirected to the second Qualtrics survey. However, after I finished the second Qualtrics survey, I looked in the data analysis tab and noticed that the ID wasn’t recorded. Instead, they were random numbers generated by the anonymous links. In case anyone’s wondering, the ID comes from the contact book under the name “RecipientLastName”. I did embed the “RecipientLastName” in the second Qualtrics survey but the ID still wasn’t recorded. I’ve attached some images to show what I have done so far.