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Duplicate survey ID with Pavlovia-SONA integration

URL of experiment: VideoRatingStudy-19May2020 [PsychoPy]

My experiment is integrated with SONA. When I download my results from Pavlovia, I can see that logs were created for the same survey ID more than once, with different dates:


If I check participation from the SONA side, I can see that the survey ID has only been assigned to one participant:

My settings on SONA are set such that the participant cannot access the URL again after participating, and the log is set to be created at the end of the experiment. Both logfiles contain data for the full experiment, so it’s not simply the case that they’re exiting and then starting again on a different occasion. Any ideas what could be happening here?

Sorry, I realized it might not be clear - the “19May2020” is in the filename of the PsychoPy experiment. The numeric date at the end is the date/time the logs were created.

I’ve just downloaded the data from Ebbinghaus Darts and discovered that the 30 participants were only really 22. It seems that some participants did the experiment as second (or even third) time because they wanted to get the hang of it. I guess that’s the disadvantage of making an experiment too fun.

I’m having the same issue with an experiment that integrates SONA - Qualtrics - Pavlovia. Lots of submissions with the same ID, but with participants prevented from accessing the URL more than once. Did anyone ever get to the bottom of this?

You could use the unique ResponseID

I think I’ll switch to that from using a quota plus a random number.

I’m currenty using this, which takes a participant-generated ID from a question in the Qualtrics form, which looks like the same thing?


You’re using something created by the participant, rather than something created by Qualtrics.

Not using Qualtrics, so I assume it must be a SONA issue (although maybe you can address it through Qualtrics, not sure). On my end, I never figured out what was going on. Participants should have been forbidden from accessing the URL twice based on my settings in SONA. One of the files with the ID 18463 was empty, and it was submitted in the same 30-minute window as a real data set also from 18463, so I assume there was some kind of error that caused the logfile to be written to the server prematurely or something. As for the others - never figured it out! They all appear to have real data, but I have no idea why anyone would want to do this experiment more than once! :open_mouth:

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Ah I see yes that’s different. It won’t work for me as I need participants to create their ID so they can identify their data at a later date.