Saving all data from a loop within a loop using condition file

**I think this is a Builder problem, but the same thing also occurs when I run this study on Pavlovia, so hopefully there’s a solution for both!

TL;DR Is there a way to save all data from nested condition files?

Here is the flow of my experiment:

I have a practice loop (that consists of 1 block of 16 trials) and an experimental loop (that consists of 5 blocks of 32 trials). In the practice loop, I have a condition file in the PracticeTrialLoop loop. In the experimental loop, I have a condition file in the ExpBlockLoop that pulls other condition files (one for each block) every block repeat.

When I run the experiment, I get all the data from the condition file for the Practice Loop. I do not get all the data from the Experimental Loop ( subset of data below):

I assume this is because of the way the condition files are set up. Is there a way to get all the data from all the trials with it set up this way? Or is there a better/different way to set up the condition files to get all the data?

The main reason I ask is because I’m trying to calculate accuracy within the experiment. I do this in the Practice Loop for feedback and it works fine. If I try to do it in the Experimental Loop, I get an ‘Unspecified Javascript Error’ on Pavlovia and the experiment crashes in Builder.

Thank you!

Could you upload the .psyexp file? Components usually have a parameter for storing data, it may be that on one of your response Components this is just set to False

My file is attached below. I did a quick look through and I didn’t see anything that seems different between the practice loops and the experimental loops that would be causing this, but hopefully you can see something!

VSP Multiple Target.psyexp (302.1 KB)