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How to get column information from condition

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I have a nested loop in my experiment, and the inner loop has to repeat by pressing ‘r’ and should end by pressing ‘space’. experiment is running fine. But I have issue in saving the data.
It is saving as per seperated by loop. so when the inner loop ends, response for the outer loop is saved in next line. when this happens the row of stimulus is not the same as row of response. secondly when it gives information of ‘trials_4.thisIndex’ it is two numeric ahead thatn the actual row. (this may be because of loop increments.) to resolve this issue I gave one more column in the condition file as condID. now the prblem is to access this condID in my output file.

Any help is appreciated.
Thank you

You could manually save everything you need in the trial in the outer loop

How can I save manually? I did not understand.

In Python you write thisExp.addData(‘ColumnNameYouWantInTheCSV’,valueYouWantToSave)

For online use, you need thisExp=psychoJS.experiment; in code_JS (see my crib sheet in the pinned post for more details)