Same noise stimulus over multiple routines

I was wondering whether it is possible to present exactly the same (visual) noise stimulus over multiple routines when using the Builder noise component to generate the noise. Setting the number of times the noise component should be updated to “None” only applies to the current routine, however, I would like to present the same noise stimulus over multiple routines.

Thanks a lot in advance!

Hi There,

Something like presenting a white noise sample across routines?

If so add a sound component to your first routine with the sound you want (but set volume to 0).

Then add a code component and use:

mySound.setVolume(1) # where "mySound" is the name of your sound component.

Hopefully that should work!

you can then stop if in another routine using a code component with


hope that helps!

Hi Becca!

Thanks so much for your reply and apologies for the confusion - I’m trying to display the same visual noise stimulus across multiple routines. I’m using the Noise Stim component, however, I could figure out how to present the same noise pattern in two consecutive routines.

In the Noise Stim component I can set the number of times the noise pattern should be updated to “None”, but this only applies to a single routine; in the next routine the visual noise will be newly generated again.

Is there a way to present the same visual noise in two routines without using an image?

Thanks so much for your help!

Hi Dani,

Ahhh ok sorry I had misread that you needed visual noise!

Where had you set the “None” attribute?

If you have your noise set up in one routine, you can add a code component to another routine and in the Begin Routine tab write:
and in the end routine write


Hope that helps!

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Hi Becca!

thanks for your reply! I followed your suggestions: I created a routine that included a Noise Stim called mynoise. In the following routine, I added a code component with your suggested code, however, this results in the noise stimulus not appearing at all.

The “None” attribute I found here:

Please could you share a screen shot of your component? just to check which tab this is in! Thanks!