Multiple activation of the same stimulus in a routine

I want a sound stimulus to be activated multiple times in a routine.
I have a list of the times that the sound is supposed to be activated.
Is there any way I can make this work without having to create multiple sound stimulus?

It would be even better if I could make the same stimulus activate everytime a condition is set True.


What I do is create a sound component with zero volume in the first routine (let’s assume I’ve called it sound _1).

Then in Begin Routine of the routine where I want it (or any routine after the first and before I need it) I change the volume using sound_1.setVolume(1)

Then I can play the sound in my main routine using

Online there is an issue about playing the same sound twice. If this isn’t solved yet then the solution is to either alternate between two sound components which both play the same sound, or have a brief silent sound that gets played just before the next play of the soun_1

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Thanks @wakecarter, that worked perfectly.