Running task with audio/video on IPad, audio doesn't work

URL of experiment: Files · master · Mend2Lab / FEPT_MR_touch_v1.3_eng · GitLab

Description of the problem:
When on an ipad, this task plays the instruction video with no audio (google chrome browser).

It is a .mp4 video file (9.4MB).

This task was made to run on an ipad, when piloting on a laptop the audio plays just fine. All other aspects of this task work well.

I am having the same problem with multiple other tasks with similar video files.


Does it fit to the media formats mentioned here? Does is work with Safari?

Best wishes Jens

Yes I believe MP4 fits that format. Safari also does not work


MP4 is a container-format which is capable to store files of different format. So, the question is whether audio is mp3 and video is H-264 in your MP4-file.

Best wishes Jens