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Pavlovia on iPad browser doesn't display the experiment

URL of experiment: UTheSea [PsychoPy]

Description of the problem: the experiment is working fine on the chrome browser on Macbook, however when accessed through iPad chrome browser the instruction video does not show up, nor is there any warning or error. When I log console errors, I see everything loads fine but, says unknown debugger error. Not sure what is causing the error. Any help will be great, as this experiment is going to be launched in a week.

What format is the video in?

mp4 files

Are they H.264?

Also. If you have something in the video duration field, please try leaving it blank.

All video durations are left blank. it works perfectly well on macbook pro - just the iPad seems to not work

The other thing to consider is file size. Mobile devices tend to have less RAM. Can you reduce the resolution of the video or otherwise make it smaller without sacrificing noticeable quality?

I tried reducing all the video files yet no luck