Audio not playing for participants in chrome/safari

Hi, there!

Just pushed a procedure from psychopy (I used builder) to pavlovia to pilot, and it works well locally. I have tested it myself in firefox, and it works OK, but my pilot participants cannot hear the audio from the examples in either safari (latest version) or chrome (latest version). It seems to only work in firefox. I understand that safari has been problematic in the past, but I am concerned that participants will only be able to use firefox for this project. Any insights?

Thank you!
Link to procedure:

What format are your audio files in?

format is .wav

Chrome 99.04844.82 works just fine, it seems to just be the most recent (99.04844.84) that isn’t compatible. Nobody using firefox reports issues. We were planning on telling participants not to use safari anyways.

I know previous posts had discussed .mp3 but it sounds like there are issues with that too.

It might be worth testing with mp3 files. Perhaps you could create a minimal example which plays one mp3 and one wav to help diagnose the issue?