Running study on prolific


I am trying to upload my study on prolific using URL parameters. Do i need to put all three URL parameters given on prolific? (participant/prolific ID, study id, and session id)? Because if I try to put only participant ID i get this:

Screen Shot 2021-05-11 at 10.54.07

becuase i only have ‘participant’ parameter in my experiment settings panel which appears as soon as the experiment starts. If i need to add study ID and session ID on prolific does that mean that I have to put those on my builder programme in the experiment settings panel together with participant ID?

It’s fine to have Prolific send values for information you don’t want and then have Pavlovia ignore them (by not having the corresponding entry in the expInfo dialogue box).

Here is a tutorial: Thomas Pronk / demo_chaining · GitLab