Pavlovia prolific testing


I wanted to ask…when I run a study online on pavlovia through proliphic website of participant recruitment, will the output data csv file be saved on prolific or on my pavlovia server?

Thank you

On Pavlovia.

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Alright thank you for your reply.

Also, i am thinking of erasing the participant section from the experiment info panel in the experiment settings because my participants will not be assigned a unique number or id. But if I erase the participant form there, then the experiment crashes as it requires a participant number to output the csv file (which has participant, experiment name, date as the file name).

Is it possible to do something like that or it is required for participants to have a unique id for a study to run properly online and save the csv file?

Thank you

It doesn’t need to be unique but I strongly recommend that you keep participant. You could skip it in the dialogue box by adding ?participant=Prolific to the URL you give Prolific.

Alternatively, you could use one of my apps to generate a consecutive participant number.

So if I choose this option to ‘use URL parameters’ does it mean that the ‘participant’ will not actually appear to the participant when running the study?

Correct. Anything auto filled by the URL isn’t shown to the participant.

Oh great alright. But the other two things i have in the experiment info panel in the experiment settings (which are age and sex), those will remain and will be visible to the participants right?

Yes, Though you might like to consider my demographics form instead.

okay thank you very much. i have another question. I notice that when i download the result document from the pavolia, it has inside a lot of csv files which are from testings i did. Is there a go i can delete those from the folder/pavlovia server?

You can safely delete your local data folder if you don’t have any real data yet and then sync to delete the data online.

Personally I switch to database for real data so that all the participants are in a single file, but that depends on how you process them.

Thank you. Should i have a study_id and session in the experiment info panel in the experiment settings for this option with URL parameters to work?

They aren’t needed but feel free to add study_id as an expInfo variable so you have the full set.

thank you very much!

Thank you for your advice. I have tried to implement your app using a URL which also takes the Prolific ID, i.e. my URL was this: {{%PROLIFIC_ID%}} &researcher=d

However, in the data file, the prolific ID is just saved as {{%PROLIFIC_ID%}} rather than taking the participant-specific one.
(This was after having made the prolific ‘configure parameter’ PROLIFIC_ID rather than PROLIFIC_PID).

Do you know why this might be, and/or how I can change to get the participant-specific prolific ID? Because I want to be able to both increment the participant number using your app (because I use it to draw a participant-specific conditions file each time), and to automatically record the Prolific ID.

Thanks so much!

Please could you show a screenshot of your Prolific URL configuration as well as copying and pasting it as text?

You might like to take a look at my new app for advanced features such a a pre Prolific debrief