Running PsychoPy using Anaconda/Mac

Hi all,
here is a simple solution for installing PsychoPy using Anaconda, since PsychoPy does not seem to start if you simply install with conda and the *.yml template on OS X Monterey. I was struggling several days with this, the problem seems to be wxpython.

For me, it worked to:

  1. Create conda enviroment an activate it:
> conda create -n psychopy python=3.6
> conda activate psychopy
  1. Now in the conda env install psychopy using pip:
> pip install psychopy
  1. The problem sseems to be wxpython. For running a GUI that uses wxpython (as is the case with PsychoPy) you need pythonw running. For this, installing the “” via conda is sufficient.
> conda install
  1. Now, when this has been successfully installed you can start PsychoPy:
> psychopy



Hey Sven, this also helped me solve another problem, gui.DlgFromDict hangs, no dialog appears. Thanks!