Running Experiment on new computer

OS Windows 8.1
PsychoPy version 3.2.0
Standard Standalone? (y/n) Yes
I am trying to run a flanker task that another person in my lab created. I have the experiment and the spreadsheet in the same folder on my computer. And I have double checked that I am using the same version of PsychoPy she did. I can open PsychoPy, but I get an error message about the compatibility. I realize the error message states I am trying to use an earlier version of PsychoPy, but I have the 3.2.0 downloaded. I have attached photos of the messages I am receiving. Any ideas are appreciated.

Where is that folder? It seems like you are trying to run the experiment from within a zip archive rather than a regular folder.

It is in the PyschoPy folder under downloads

I’m not a Windows user, but that looks like you are seeing files within a zip archive (perhaps what your colleague e-mailed to you?) i.e. there are references to the compressed size and ratio - you wouldn’t see those in a normal folder on your drive. Any other application might struggle to access those, because they are effectively hidden inside the .zip file.

I would guess you need to make a regular folder somewhere and copy the .psyexp and .xlsx files into it, and run the task from there.

Lastly, you really should turn off Windows’ default of hiding file extensions from you - that would presumably help make this issue clear (by showing that you are looking inside a .zip file). This is particularly important when using PsychoPy, as you will often need to provide a precise path to a file, and that is hard to do if Windows is hiding the extension from you.

I am a Windows user and can corroborate what @Michael said - if you right click the zip file and click “Extract All” this should fix your problem :slight_smile: