Run psychopy experiments in HTC Vive with Tobii's eye tracker integration?

Hi everyone :hugs:
I saw that there are some codes available for visualizing experiments in Oculus Rift, very useful in Binocular Rivalry or Continuous Flash Suppression paradigms. I have HTC Vive instead in my lab, and it has a useful built-in eye tracker from Tobii.
Unfortunately, it seems that nobody used HTC device to run experiments (I can’t even find python libraries or so), therefore I was wondering if there is any plan for the future to develop support for this other device. I can’t run experiments with Unity, anyway I want to use psychopy :raised_hands: .

Is there any possibility to simply make HTC Vive visualize an experiment which is running in psychopy on my PC (a sort of “external display”)? And, if possible, allowing to do the same as in the Oculus Rift code, where it is possible to show different images to each eye? :roll_eyes:

Thank you in advance if anyone knows the answer to my questions.

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Hi Chiara,
I also use HTC Vive and looking forward to use psychopy instead of Unity.
If you succed already in solving this issue I would be happy to know how and learn from you.
Also, I have a great BR environment in Unity for both Vive or Oculus if you would like to use it.
Thank you,