Making CFS(Countinuos Flash Supression) task for HMD in psychopy

I want to create a 2D CFS task (Continuous flash suppression - Wikipedia) on a virtual headset with Psychopy (either using a builder or using code). This stereo view presents two different images to each eye separately at the same time. What library or method should I use?

If my headset is not Oculus, can I still make this task for HTC VIVE using Psychopy?

Thank you

Hello A-zeril-A,

Only Oculus headsets are supported at this time by PsychoPy given that PsychXR only has a driver interface for the Oculus Runtime. Support will come eventually for other HMDs as PsychXR is getting OpenXR support. However, the is no ETA at this time for OpenXR.

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Thank you very much for your answer, I wanted to know if there is a specific time for VR to be released on the builder?

We need to work out how to get stereoscopic rendering exposed to Builder first which will require substantial UI changes on that end. While we are in the planning stages and have the expertise for expanding support for stereoscopy in PsychoPy, it’s too early to say when it will be available.

That said, if more people ask for stereoscopy/VR, development time will be allocated to improve those features.

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Hi. I am also stuck on a similar problem, as I have an HTC Vive device (the one with Tobii’s eye tracker integration) and I must create a Binocular Rivalry paradigm for my project; I was so happy to find the PsychXR, but the main problem is that, unlike the Oculus, the HTC cannot be used to simply visualize what I present with Psychopy in a straightforward way. It’s a complicated problem, because the HTC seems to speak only through Unity+Steam, not even Matlab seems to be helpful in solving this problem.
I would like to simply use HTC as an “external display” if I only knew how to do this. Unfortunately, I am pretty noob in Psychopy and, in general, in programming, so I feel really frustrated.

Do you have any idea on how to solve this huge problem, or if you know about someone who already tried and solved it, at least partially, so I can keep on trying to solve my epically difficult task? :sob:

Developer of PsychXR here.

I would like to simply use HTC as an “external display” if I only knew how to do this.

Not easily done since HMDs typically require interaction with a compositor/runtime. Open source drivers are in development but I haven’t worked much with them.

PsychXR is getting OpenXR support added at some point to cover HTC and other non-Oculus headsets. Progress has been made but unfortunately stalled due to other commitments but will be hopefully continued this summer.

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Thank you for your answer @mdc, it might be late for me, but I will keep an eye open about the news!