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Responses not being recorded

Hello everyone,

Description of the problem:

I’ve created a task where we measure reaction times to a target (a black square). The length of the target is calculated from the participant’s baseline RT in the practice block at the start. In the main task, if participants respond to the target they see an image, if they respond too early or too late they are given the feedback ‘too early’ or ‘try to be faster’ respectively. If they don’t respond they get the feedback ‘missed’.

The practice block works fine, however sometimes responses in the the main task are not registering; even though the participant responds they are given the feedback ‘missed’ and no response/RT is registered in the data output file.

I’ve been working on developing this experiment with a programmer, and we were wondering whether this could potentially be a bug in psychopy, instead of the actual task, as we’ve also noticed this happens when running from the builder. Any advice on this matter would be appreciated!

URL of experiment:

Thank you!