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Problem with response recorded by key response

I am using PsychoPy v.3.0.5 on Mac and in the experiments I built I try to record the response key and time.
I use the key response function to do so, and the response key and its time are recorded, but the number of data is wrong, and this only happens in one of the key response.
For example, there are 20 questions, so there’s supposed to be 20 answers and response time recorded, the number of answers and response time should correspond with each other, right? but instead, there are 30 answers and 21 response time.
And this problem only happens in the online version I put on Pavlovia, but not on the one on my laptop, how can I fix this, or find out which are the extra answer in the experiment?

these are the two experiments I built and they both have the same problem:,interference