Resources won't load for version 2021.2.3 but will for 2021.1.4

Hi all,

I am working in Psychopy3 (2021 2.3) and when I push my experiment online and pilot it there is no resource loading bar. Then, when I enter the experiment I receive an error regarding how the resources couldn’t be found. However, when my colleague with an older version (2021.1.4) uploads the experiment it works perfectly fine. We’ve gone through the process together to ensure this isn’t an issue of how I am uploading the experiment. Also, I’m not sure if this is useful, but I’ve been reading and others have said that the newer versions of Psychopy shouldn’t be creating an HTML folder but mine is creating an HTML folder (and always has). Additionally, I have tried to manually add my resources via Experiment settings > online > +/-, but that did not change anything. Does anyone have suggestions or thoughts about how I can approach this problem? All help is appreciated!


Recreate it without the html folder or set it to run as an older version.