Resources fail to load

I’ve an online PsychoPy experiment that fails to load resources (audio and video files). Experiment is created with 2021.2.3 and I’ve verified that the resources are indeed in the html folder on pavlovia (resources are in folders “AudioFiles” and “VideoFiles” within the resources folder in the html folder). The experiment runs fine offline and a previous almost identical version with the same audio and video files created with PsychoPy 2021.1.4 works fine online (resources are loaded).

I’ve removed the project from Pavlovia, deleted all git files and started again as suggested in the forum. However, still the resources are not loaded.

Anyone has an idea how to fix this? Thanks.

Thanks for the links to other forum posts. Experiment is now running after I removed ‘html’ from Output path (Properties->Online) and added all audio and video resources in the ‘Additional Resources’ field. Furthermore, I had to delete the project from pavlovia, delete the .git folder and the file .gitignore from the local folder and create the project on pavlovia again.