Unkown Resources error despite html path/folder fix

URL of experiment: CRE_Subj7_V4 [PsychoPy]

Description of the problem: I have an online experiment that’s running into an “Unknown Resources” error when it comes to presenting the stimuli. I have tried trouble shooting mentioned in the forum from people who have run into the same issue recently. I removed ‘html’ from Output path (Experiment settings->Online) and added all my files in the ‘Additional Resources’ field. I also delete the project from pavlovia and re-uploaded. But I am still running into the same error…

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You deleted the project from Pavlovia.

Did you also delete all local Pavlovia files, such as the hidden .git folder?

What I do is create a fresh local folder and move only the files I know I need (psyexp and images/spreadsheets/media) into it so I know I’ve removed everything related to git.

Make sure the output path is blank before you sync for the first time.