Resource download pausing when running PsychoJS task in local debug mode


I’m running into a frequent problem when trying to run PsychoJS tasks in local debug mode. The resources for the experiment will download up to a point, then just stop. The only solution I’ve found is to keep re-running the experiment until it works, which can take several tries.


Has anyone else encountered a similar issue to this? Is there any way I can debug what is causing this error? The browser console gives no clues. I’m concerned it might be due to a local firewall or firewalls on the university network I am connected to causing problems with the local hosting.

I’ve had limited success with local debugging of online studies so I always push to and test on Pavlovia.

Ah, it’s interesting to hear that. Do you mind running me through your workflow quickly? I was under the impression that running studies locally would be faster due to not having to sync every time, but various problems with it are definitely slowing me down.

I’m not sure if I’m syncing and running the project in the easiest possible way right now. I’m clicking the “sync with web project” button at the top. And then trying to use the “Run PsychoJS task from Pavlovia” button in the runner. But this doesn’t do anything too helpful. If my experiment is set to inactive this button takes me to a 404 page, and if my experiment is running I get an error message about a missing pilot token. The easiest way seems to be to navigate to the Pavlovia experiment dashboard and hit the pilot button there, but that seems kind of clunky and isn’t very quick.

I have the experiment page on Pavlovia open when I’m working on an experiment.

So my workflow is:

Make edits in Builder
Press middle green icon
Stare at screen for a few seconds
Enter details of commit (often just pasting whatever I’ve got in my clipboard)
Press OK
Stare at screen until icon turns green
Alt tab to Browser
Ctrl Shift R to restart experiment
Close tab and press Pilot again if Pilot token has expired.

Yes it has some delays in it…though of course you also get a delay when running an experiment locally and I am sometimes doing something else in another tab or on my phone while I’m waiting.

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Great, that’s super useful, thanks!