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PsychoPy3 local debugger runs wrong experiment

I have been successfully exporting experiment A into HTML and running it locally by clicking “Run PsychoJS task in local debug mode”.


Then I created a second experiment, B. When I select experiment B and click the local debug button like always, it still runs experiment A.

Things I have tried:

  • Restarting my machine
  • Clearing my browser’s cache (Chrome)
  • Deleting experiment A (which just results in a 404 error)

Syncing experiment B with Pavlovia and clearing my browser cache seems to have solved the issue.

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Thanks for posting this solution kierad, this error was driving me insane!

I can confirm that you don’t need to sync your experiment with Pavlovia, it is just necessary to clear your browser cache.

(Although if you want the latest version of your experiment you should export HTML manually or ensure that HTML is set to export on save in the settings).