Clearing CSV Data from Test Runs

Description of the problem:

Just a quick question about deleting test data sets from experiments on Pavlovia set to run. I tried pressing Delete Media Results but that did not work. I also tried deleting the data files on my local computer and resyncing, but that did not work either. Currently, the Pavlovia dataset looks like this:

I just wanted to clear out these datasets before I begin collecting data. Besides deleting the local data folder and resyncing, are there any other methods of clearing these results?


you could delete the test results from your repository.

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Deleting your local data folder and resyncing should work for CSV data (not database data).

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That’s what I did but it did not reset the numbers on Pavlovia.

The numbers in your screenshot are not a measure of the number of data files you have. They correspond to the number of times the experiment has been run.