Reserved and consumed credits

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Description of the problem: I launched my research on the Internet yesterday and bought 100 credits. A day later, I have 82 reserved credits and 17 consumed. I’m sure more than 17 people have completed my survey, but it doesn’t show up. I have 8 unused credits left and don’t know what will happen to reserved credits. I have put on the fact that the experiment that have not been completed are not saved. 82 credits have already been reserved for nearly 24 hours. Do I need to wait and they will become “consumed” credits or push “release reserved credits” to use them again?
Thanks for help!

The credits should be released soon. I think after 24 hours. Manually releasing them can cause data loss if anyone with a reserved credit is actually in the middle of your study.

Is your study very long? That might explain the high dropout rate. It’s also possible that there’s a bug causing it to fail in certain browsers. You could look at the distribution of browsers in the completed data to see if there are any obvious gaps.

My survey consists of Stroop task with 100 words and a survey of 100 statements. Filling takes about 15 minutes.
For all of whom I’ve asked how they were going to complete an experiment, no one has had a problems with that.

You would advise me to wait until the reserved turns into consumed?

Below, you can see pictures with information about my credits.

Ekrānuzņēmums 2021-04-03 110942

I would advise waiting since your study does still have some credits so isn’t turning people away yet and the most recent session was this morning.

I assume you sent out some form of mail shot yesterday to get so many people starting on the same day. You should wait until the number of assigned credits has before doing any more active recruitment.

I realise that this is another advantage of hosting the PI sheet on Qualtrics. Potential participants who only read the study information won’t reserve credits unless.

Okay, thanks for helping me!

And yes, I posted my experiment link on Facebook, so everyone starts it at the same time. Maybe that is the reason why the data is processing so slowly.

I don’t think that the data is processing slowly. I think you posted a link which lots of people clicked and then abandoned.

I see that only 34 aborted, but 88 are reserved. What about the other 54 credits?
I don’t understand what should I do… I need to buy new credits or wait and those credits which are reserved become assigned again?

Most of those 54 people probably left their browser open and moved on rather than closing it to abort the experiment. Their credits should expire automatically in 24 hours.