Redirect URL for offline experiment

Hi all,

I have an experiment that I have built with coder (I am not using pavlovia or builder for this one).

At the end of the experiment, I would like people to be redirected to a Qualtrics survey. I looked and and I have not been able to find a way to do this with python code. Is this possible?

If this question has already been answered, please let me know. I just could not find it.


From your description I assume that your experiment is written in plain Python. Wouldn’t the most straightforward way be to close the window after the experiment, and provide a link on the Desktop that participants have to open themselves?

Alternatively, it is possible to launch a browser window from Python (based on this StackOverflow post):

import webbrowser

url = ''
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Thanks! I wanted to lessen the burden on my RAs and wanted to use query strings to export the participant’s number and condition information.