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Redirect back to Prolific not working for pilot mode

Description of the problem:

I am piloting a task and previewing it from prolific which works fine in all other ways but after the task is done (and the data gets saved as csv), the redirect link doesn’t seem to work as nothing happens (normally, I would go back to prolific with a page showing the completion code). So my question is: is it normal for pilot mode, and will it just work if I turn into running mode?


I think @apitiot would need to confirm but I wouldn’t expect them to work toegether. Prolific is about recruiting participants, piloting is about testing the experiment works before collecting participants. I think to test the prolific connection you should switch to running mode and just run a small number of participants in the first instance

Hello @YT_HAN,

Could you share the complete path of your experiment with me so I can have a look?


Thanks Alain for offering help. I tested it again, and now I can go through the whole process even in pilot mode. Not sure why it didn’t work before perhaps I didn’t clear the cache in the browser to load the latest version of the task.

Thanks anyways.

Then all is well that ends well :slight_smile: