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Experiment redirecting to initial start up screen at end

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem:
I’ve just uploaded my first study on prolific with just 5 subjects for the time being to check for any bugs.
I’m having difficulty with accessing the data. Assuming I’m looking in the right place (the data folder in the repository on gitlab) there’s only one csv file in there and according to prolific 5 subjects have completed the study

Nope. This is where your data are stored when you run the experiment locally. To find the responses of your first 5 participants you should go to:> Experiment—>From the list you select the name of your experiment---->Look at the right hand side of the screen, third tab ‘‘Sessions’’ (from top to bottom)–> Download Results.

Ah thank you!
I’ve done this and there are no data files from today. Is this a commonly reported issue?

Do you have CSV or Database selected?

csv - but I don’t think I changed that from what it was already set as.

I think I may have figured out why I have no data.

When I ran through the experiment myself, at the end I was presented with the screen below, still as part of the experiment, i.e. the participant would have to press esc to get away from this screen, and I assume this means the study would have been considered incomplete. Has anyone come across this before?

That looks like the beginning of an experiment. What does your last routine look like? Do you have anything in Settings/Online ?

It does - very strange.

My last routine is just a text and response component that I’ve just added in case anything before it was causing the issue. The text is just a simple “thank you for taking part, press the spacebar to end the experiment”.

The only settings I’ve changed are in ‘Experiment Settings’ - ‘Online’ where I’ve input the url given from prolific into the ‘completed URL’ section.

What does that completed URL look like? Feel free to change some letters.

Very odd.

In options / screen do you have full screen window selected? Is it running in full screen?

Yep it’s set as full screen and it running in full screen.
Everything’s working perfectly otherwise.