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Completion Check with Prolific


I’m working on running a fairly basic online experiment with participant recruitment by Prolific.

This is a fairly naive question, but I was wondering how completion is determined? I know you use Prolific’s completion link in your online experiment settings. But when is that completion link activated? The last routine of the experiment? When they close the experiment?
I was wondering if I should have any instructions at the end to tell them to close, hit Esc, etc.

Just trying to think ahead to make sure participants get paid!

Thanks for any info.

From memory, this happens once they hit the dialog box that appears at the end saying something like “Thank you, your data have been saved.” At this point, there’s an automatic redirection to whatever link you’ve set up in the experiment settings. If you run a pilot session, you should see exactly what happens (though the redirection link will most likely just take you to the login screen for Prolific, since you won’t have used a valid ID number to start the session).

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