Carrying participant IDs from Pavlovia to Qualtrics using the URL


I am having an issue sending the PROLIFIC_PID value from pavlovia to qualtrics in my experiment. I have visited the other forum posts and tried to do some of the recommended things in this document Thomas Pronk / demo_chaining · GitLab

My experiment looks like this:

when redirected from prolific this is the link and as you can see the PROLIFIC ID is assigned and carried forward, when I check the datasheet too the PROLIFIC ID is there.

But then when the pavlovia phase is completed and the participants are redirected to qualtrics, the ID gets lost as you can see here.

This is the Completed URL that i have put in my experiment settings:"PROLIFIC_PID=" + expInfo[‘PROLIFIC_PID’]

with a PROLIFIC_PID in the expinfo section of the experiment

I have attached my Psyexp file for referenceBTT5-qualtrics.psyexp (144.5 KB)

with regards to qualtrics:
I have set up an embedded data variable here

and also a textbox to display the prolific ID

but since the PROLIFIC_ID is not being passed, its showing up empty.

I’m not sure how to pass the ID from Pavlovia to Qualtrics using the URL

Your completed URL should be


Thank you so much for this!!