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Recording reaction times using the microphone response


Hello everyone!

I am quite new to PsychoPy and I have a question to the use of microphone response. I’m using the builder and I’d like to measure vocal reaction times during a simple production task, while using the microphone component. My PsychoPy trial looks like this:

I’m aware reaction times can be obtained manually, for instance by examining the waveforms for each trial in a sound editor (such as Audacity), putting markers on the start of the speech manually, and calculating vocal response time relative to the start of the trial/recording. However, this would be quite laborious, given that each experiment consists of 36 recordings and 120 participants will be examined.

Is there any other way to get reaction time data? Can any code be inserted?

Could anyone please help me? (A dummy-version explanation will be very much appreciated. :slightly_smiling_face:)

Thanks a lot!



This would require putting some custom code in a code component I think. Start by playing with the demo some the Demos menu in the Coder view.

I’m not familiar with that code or how it works, but it would need some adjustment to get it into a Builder code component (e.g. dropping all the calls to core.wait()


Hi, you might be interested in reading this paper

I think you could implement the DTVK using pyo, with decent results.

Hope this helps.