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Rating time scale

Dear community,

I am currently creating my first experiment in Psychopy, so prepare for what might be a basic question. So, my participants will listen to 2 auditory stimuli and answer a question using a scale. I’ve managed to create a decent flow that works. However, I noticed the description of the scale component mentions rating time considers the time from the start of the trial up to the validation of the answer. I want to have the data on how long it takes for my participants to answer, from the moment the scale shows up in their screen. How do I do that? If I use the ‘one click’ option and save the onset-offset times, would this be enough?

Hi @MercedesVC , an easy option would be to add another routine after the audio presentation, with only the rating scale. That way, the response time will be time from the start of the rating scale presentation to actual response.

Hi. Thank you for your reply. Makes sense. Is there an alternative to have everything in the same routine?

Just checking that you are using Slider and not RatingScale, I do not think Rating Scale is supported online. The Slider RT is calculated from when the Slider is first drawn, so if the Slider starts after all the stimuli are complete, your RT will not need any correction.

Thanks @dvbridges. I’ve modified it.

Hi @dvbridges. I am checking my data for the rating time and it seems to me it does start timing from the moment the trial starts and not from when the slider is first drawn. Is this possible? I have RT of 15 seconds when I pilot it myself and take no longer than a couple of seconds to answer. I am also not getting the data for onset/offset, even when its selected in the parameters for the slider. Any ideas?

Hi @MercedesVC , yes you are right, looks like the Slider is not resetting the timer when it starts to draw. A quick fix for you would be to add a code component with the following in the relevant tabs:

# Begin Routine
sliderStarted = False

# Each Frame
if slider.status == STARTED and not sliderStarted:
    sliderStarted = True

This should give RTs relative to starting time. Might be good for @Becca or @TParsons to take a look and see if this has been fixed in the latest release.

Thank you. I’ve included the code component and it works now. :slight_smile: